Which DJ software do you use?

Which DJ software do you use?

  • Serato

    Votes: 4 57.1%
  • Virtual DJ

    Votes: 3 42.9%

  • Total voters


Jan 13, 2018
never use that before. how is it?
if i play my controller i got a ddj sx2 i use serato..not that its better just use that..but now bought the ddj xp1 as add on,and got rekordbox with it..and also dvs!!
like the progam..and the extra options..nothing new but gotta switch anyway. use rekordbox 2 analyz my trackz 4 when i play on cdjs..so rekordbox dj is nice 2 have
espacially with the xp1...like the dffert tone play and the way you can use your samples or loops..and with rekordbo you can customize your pads...
rekordbox is a must 4 djs..just 4 analyz tracks 4 cdjs..and rekordbox dj is nice 2 have also...if you got serato,your controller..no need 4 rekordbox dj..butt if you also play in clubs..no controller..youre glad with rekordbox..most clubs or fest.have pioneer..and it intregrated good..you can also connect your laptop 2 the mixer and use the cdjs as controller..withoutdvs..because pioneer is rekordbox!!
I LIKE SERATO!!still gonna use it!!and rekordbox also!!!i like then Both!!also have virt dj..just if someone only can play that..and sometimes just 4 watching videoclips playlist
rekordbox is free..and rekordbox dj you can get a trial 4 30 days to try it...and check out the xp1.dont know if it 4 you??butt you get rekordbox dj and dvs with it..

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