Former Prime Minister Edward Seaga Dislike Modern Dancehall

Edward Seaga.jpg

Former Prime Minister Edward Seaga has made public his distaste for modern dance hall music, which he describes as lacking in substance.

Seaga stated "I am a man that when I think music, I think melody. I think lyrics. I think rhythm, but I see them all together, packaged in one thing, and my basic concept is that if you can't whistle it, it is not music," he declared during the recent official reopening of Things Jamaican at Devon House, St Andrew.

Seaga, who is credited with producing Many, Oh (Higgs and Wilson) in 1960, the first Jamaican hit record pressed on vinyl for commercial production, used the occasion to remind the audience of his formula for success, which has stood the test of time.

The former prime minister pointed out that Brand Jamaica was built on the creativity and hard work of ordinary Jamaicans through the avenues of culture and sports, with little support from corporate Jamaica.