Artiste Profile: Mr Lex

Favorite Song:
Carl Thomas - Summer Rain

Best Memory Moment:
I value all my moments but i'll always remember being at the 09 Mtv Vma's where i was nominated for best break through video

Years in the business:
I recorded my first song 1992 so i would say thats when my pro career start so dat make it awhile lol 19 Years

Marital status:

Eye color:
My eye color is brown

Favorite dish:
Anything Jamaican

Zodiac sign:
I'm a Taurus

No. of children:
About 8...... I think lol

Attracted to Women with:
Women with long legs

Most promising artiste of 2011:
I like ikaya

Two favorite beverages:
Vitamin Water and Pepsi

Song of the Year to you:
Khago - Nah Sell Out Mi Friends

Hang-out spot:
Nitro the cd Sound Studio

Most interesting international place to perform:

Xbox, Movies, Football(soccer)

What do you do to relax:
I relax only wen i'm sleeping lol

Favorite vacation spot:
I never took a vacation before, my job is enuff fun

Do you have a tattoo or birthmark:
No tattoo but i got birth marks

What's Next For you:
I'm about turn this shiiit upside down.... *evil grin*

Mr Lexx - A Fi We
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